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Into Embers

by The Clockwork Dolls

You’ll have to excuse the lateness of this letter, my darling, but time has been cruel to us both. I see you, old friend, from my study. When the sun sets across the fields of wheat just right, I see you, crouched like a rusted scarecrow. And as we share the same view of the setting sun in it’s warm amber hues, I know in my heart of hearts that like that sun you can still feel my presence as I feel yours. Omnipresent, solitary, unable to speak. And I’m sorry, old friend. I’m sorry I couldn’t let you go. And now, as my dawn turns to dusk, I write this letter, I am dying. In the solitude of the autumn of my life, I can sometimes hear our ship, it’s heart gently singing, calling to us to once again to take our place amongst the clouds. I know you hear her voice singing to you. Sometimes when the air is just so I hear your response in the breeze. Beautiful songs that sing me to sleep. Lullabies sung by an old friend to a safe rest. And a safe rest I will have, cradled in the memorabilia of my past, slowly withering away until the elements of time reduces me to dust and the pages, so many pages, of our stories become lost in the maelstrom of time. I only hope that you find these letters and know that I’ve led a good life. Even in your absence, my beautiful clockwork maid. . I imagine you, your whirring gears slowly springing to life in some far distant future, the fire in your clockwork heart beating strong as you rise like a phoenix from the ashes. My beautiful clockwork companion, patient and true. You must go to her, my dear, answer her song rising in a crescendo of music, her beating heart matching your own, our ship, our Dame de Fer, she beckons to you like a siren and I know you have no choice but to heed the cry. The ground is no grave for you, only the skies Light the skies a blaze! And when the embers settle and we’re nothing but debris on the ground, only then, only then will I see you again, reunited. Two old friends. There are so many things I wanted you to witness, my dear, weddings and goodbyes of familiar faces, the legacy of a noble woman turned pirate queen and her clockwork governess turned first mate. I wish you heard the stories they told of us. I wish you were there with me, by my side till the end. But enough of the ramblings of an old woman. In my desk you will find the last remaining piece to the Dame De Fer, she’s waiting for you. Make your final flight count. Old Friend.
Into Embers 04:53
High above the weary world The setting sun is burning red I look across this field of rot Only me amongst the the dead The landscape stretches far beyond me Silence proves me all alone But something in this quiet stillness Calls me, leads me, begs me home I stop to think of all I’ve lost The life I spent attending you I cannot mourn what’s gone away I have the chance for something new Fly with me Forget the past We have built this future, Now dust and ash My life of old, I leave behind Now this journey is my own Now the story is all mine. You always thought I’d be content To follow where your whims would lead But here upon the ship we rode I see the chance to be freed Here at last I make my choice I’m so much more than whirring gears Here I’ll sing my final song And be rid of all my fears The deck vibrates beneath my shoes The dead beast roars alive with rage At last I will control the helm As I turn the final page Break these chains And rise again Fly with me Forget the past Headed toward the sunset The wind at my back Another day has ended This story is my last


A loving closure to the events of our first album Dramatis Personae. It starts with a letter from a dying airship pirate queen to her clockwork first mate and ends with one final adventure.

This one is for the fans who have been with us since the beginning. Featuring old motifs that you might recognize with just a touch of nostalgia.


released January 27, 2021

The Clockwork Dolls Are.....
Sam Lee - Composition/Instrumentals
Julie Zakar - Lyrics/Vocals
Robare Pruyn-Bush - Vocals
Charlie Stark - Vocals
Sebastian MacAskill - Guitars
Elliot Peeples - Bass
Martin Irigoyen - Mastering and fixing up all of Sam's screw ups.


all rights reserved



The Clockwork Dolls Baltimore

When The Clockwork Dolls formed in 2007, the concept was simple: Theatrical, grand, epic music for folks who dream, and dream big.

The Clockwork Dolls are currently in the studio working on their upcoming multimedia project
"The Sleepwalker Chronicles" with a targeted release date of May of 2016.
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