Iron Terror Single Collection

by The Clockwork Dolls



Vocal mix and Instrumental Mix of The Clockwork Dolls new single The Iron Terror.


released October 26, 2015

Image: Clockwork Dolls Studios

Lead: Julie Zakar
Second Lead: Charlie Stark
Male Choir: Robare Pruyn-Bush
Creepy Voice: Sam Lee
Creepy Deep Voice: Adami Osho

Chantings - Our lovely fanbase in all their glory. Also.. Charlie Stark...

All instrumentals composed and performed by Sam Lee
All lyrics written by Julie Zakar

The Clockwork Dolls Are
Julie Zakar and Sam Lee



all rights reserved


The Clockwork Dolls Baltimore

When The Clockwork Dolls formed in 2007, the concept was simple: Theatrical, grand, epic music for folks who dream, and dream big.

The Clockwork Dolls are currently in the studio working on their upcoming multimedia project
"The Sleepwalker Chronicles" with a targeted release date of May of 2016.
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Track Name: The Iron Terror
Heed the sound of the warning drums,
Beware, the Terror comes.

Rises from the darkest depth,
Its every step, an anvil’s strike
Every breath, a haze of death
We are all doomed, each alike

Heed the sound of the warning drums
Beware, the Terror comes.

No one can hide
From the dragon's eye
There is no escape
From what awaits

Listen close,
All in turn,
All will burn

Listen close
All will learn
All will burn

(All will burn, all will burn … )

See the dying light
Never to return
Hear the echoed cry,
“All will burn!”
No hope remains,
All in turn
All wiiiiilllllllll

The wretched weak march in its thrall
Ever forward to its call
The dark that causes stars to fall
The end will come for us all

Burn (hold this burn out if you can......)

All will burn
All will burn
All will burn